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Coating work

We perform coating work using various materials depending on the application and customer's needs. The coating is carried out either on-site at the customer's location or in our workshop in Kiruna. We collaborate with leading suppliers in their respective fields to find the best product for the customer's requirements. Our primary focus is on polymers in the form of solid soft materials, specifically plastics. We have specialized in products within the category of thermosetting plastics and rubber.
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Maintenance work

We carry out various types of maintenance work, primarily for the mining industry, heavy industry, and the construction and civil engineering sectors. We provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions while considering Life Cycle Cost (LCC).
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Prototype manufacturing

Do you have an idea that your company wants to bring to life? We assist you from idea to the finished product. First, we create a prototype, turning the abstract idea into a concrete form. With the help of the prototype, you can test the design's shape and conduct practical prototype testing to identify any issues that need to be addressed before production occurs on a larger scale.
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Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing, also known as subcontracting, involves one company producing or processing products on behalf of another company. No one can excel in everything, and the same holds true in the industry. Contract manufacturing is a practical way to outsource parts of production or post-processing to another company with the right expertise.

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